Braces Can Improve Alignment Issues Not Addressed in Youth

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Sometimes minor alignment issues in youth can go ignored for financial reasons, or simply because the perceived misalignment was only minor. Unfortunately, as you age this can cause two or more teeth in your dentition to meet at unnatural angles, leading to excess wear and tear or fractures on the tooth enamel.

When this happens, the damaged tooth enamel can also come to foster new areas of tooth decay, that require extensive or even expensive measures to treat. To prevent this from happening Dr. Merissa Blais often recommends braces to her adult clients with moderate alignment problems. There are several different options available at Dr. Merissa Blais’s Scarsdale, New York clinic.

If the alignment issues are minor, and cosmetic, Dr. Merissa Blais might be able to fit Invisalign®. These are essentially a style of removable clear plastic aligners designed to gradually adjust your teeth in as little as six to eight weeks. You will be provided with three to four sets of custom aligners, which will need to be switched out every two weeks. The new aligners will be tuned one step closer to your ideal alignment.

More significant alignment issues might call for installing traditional metal bracket and wire braces. If you feel uncomfortable with the appearance of orthodontic hardware in your smile, Dr. Merissa Blais can apply a special porcelain glaze to the visible hardware. It can be shaded to a near-perfect match with your natural enamel, making it hard for the casual observer to notice your braces.

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