Daily Cleaning is Essential to Maintaining Your Lingual Braces

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In recent years, lingual braces have grown in popularity with adolescents and adults. Because the brackets and wires attach to the backs of your teeth, it makes it very hard for the casual observer to notice. With a few minor lifestyle changes, you can keep your lingual braces clean and free from damage.

If you do have something come loose or it can increase the amount of time you need to wear the braces. So call us immediately so we can advise your or schedule an appointment.

Making mindful food choices throughout your day will go a long way towards keeping your lingual braces clean and in good repair. Sticky foods and chewing gum can easily get stuck in and around the braces. Hard and crunchy foods can also cause problems. These foods can bend wires, loosen bands or loosen the resin adhesive holding the brackets in place.

Many people with lingual braces find floss threaders, dental water jets and interdental brushes very helpful for removing food particles from between your teeth, around the braces and other hard to reach places. Though they are not a viable alternative to flossing!

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