Innovative Braces Make Your Life Easier

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Braces. They are one of the most common dental treatments given to people of all ages these days. These treatments can have a profound effect on the lives of the people who receive them. Dental braces are such a common treatment because of the wide variety of oral problems they fix. From teeth misalignment to over and underbites, it can leave a patient feeling much happier after getting dental braces.

Braces not only correct crooked teeth, but can correct teeth growing in the wrong spot and misaligned bites, along with a few other conditions. They can help fix issues in the structure of the mouth that might make it difficult to eat or speak for some people. They are especially useful in young children whose mouths are still changing so they can get the correction they need and grow up with a healthy mouth and great self-esteem.

With all of the benefits, it’s no wonder the use of braces has risen in the past twenty years, and especially how many varieties of braces there are to choose from today. Innovations in technology for braces means that more people have access to them, especially young and older adults who didn’t have the means to get braces when they were younger.

Traditional Metal Braces
These braces are the ones that most children have when they get them. Almost everyone knows what they look like, the metal brackets with the wires pulling the teeth into their correct spot. The reality is these braces are amazing for correcting problems and very powerful, which is why they are still the most common types of braces today.

Ceramic Braces
On the rise in popularity today are ceramic braces. They are virtually the same as metal braces, and need to be worn nearly the same amount of time, but they are made from ceramic which enables them to blend itto the color of teeth more and therefore makes them more conspicuous. This is particularly of interest to teenagers who still need braces but don’t want to get the metal option.

Clear Plastic Braces
With brands like Invisalign® and ClearCorrect® becoming more popular over the years, it is now a trend among people, mostly adults, to have clear plastic braces when they need correction of their teeth. They can’t fix all of the same problems as other braces, but they do have the ability to straighten a smile by using pressure to nudge teeth together into their proper position over time. These are popular because they are discreet, an important factor with some adults who need teeth correction.

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