Orthodontic Tools Can Alleviate the Stress of Cleaning Your Braces

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Your braces are designed to realign your teeth over time to improve your tooth alignment and help you have the attractive smile you want. In order to keep your braces in good shape, it’s important to use effective orthodontic tools to provide the proper care and cleaning of your appliance.

Dr. Merissa Blais and our team want to support you in caring for the different components of your braces, including cleaning around tricky areas such as the wires. If you have found that you are struggling to maintain a healthy smile with braces, our orthodontist can help you determine if your dental hygiene would benefit from the use of tools designed for braces.

You may find that an interdental brush is more effective at cleaning your teeth than your traditional toothbrush because it has a small angled brush head that can navigate your brackets and wires and your natural dental contours, removing any food particles from tricky areas such as the spacers and bands.

Braces sometimes make flossing along the gum line and between the teeth more complicated, which is why you may want to switch to using a floss threader. This is a loop-shaped toot loaded with floss that can simplify the process of flossing around your wires and brackets, and because it uses waxed dental floss, it can easily slide into tight tooth spaces.

A dental water jet is a great way to rinse your mouth and remove any lingering food particles. It produces a concentrated jet of water that you can aim around your mouth, though it is not a suitable substitute for flossing your smile with dental floss.

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