We encourage you to browse our reviews to learn why our patients are loyal to Blais Orthodontics. Dr. Merissa Blais and our team really care about our patients and strive to provide them with the best care possible in a comfortable environment. Feel free to contact our orthodontic office in Scarsdale, New York, today to learn more about us and to schedule your next appointment with Dr. Blais.

“I had headaches and TMJ pain for years. When the pain became excruciating, I was referred to Dr. Blais. She worked magic! From the moment she began treating me, my pain was gone. She was able to realign my jaw and now, not only is my jaw aligned (no surgery, no pain!) but my teeth are straight as well. In addition, Dr. Blais and her staff are lovely to work with and extremely understanding and accommodating to an adult’s work schedule.”

“Dr Blais has such a great touch with both younger and adult patients. It is such a pleasure to work with her. I love my smile!”

“My smile is gorgeous and I owe it all to Dr. Blais. The staff is superb and they are always on time”

“I was so scared about getting my braces, but Dr. Blais made it so easy. She made me laugh from the first appointment and I always knew what to expect. Thank you so much!”

“Dr. Blais is great! She is very professional, knowledgeable, and skilled. Not only that, she’ll make sure you are comfortable and carefully listen to all your concerns. I highly recommend this office for all your orthodontic needs!”
-Caritas A.

“I was originally referred to Dr. Blais through a teacher at my kids school, who had said several of the students were very happy patients of hers. I have three kids, my older son has been going to Dr. Blais for the past year and we cannot say enough great things about her and her practice. At each of his appointments she keeps me updated on his progress and her future steps. I love this because I feel i understand what’s happening at every appointment. My review finally comes when I took my younger daughter in last year to Dr. Blais for braces and she analyzed her teeth and told me she felt they had a good chance to grow to correct themselves and rather wait and see before she puts braces on. Well, a year later they did correct themselves! I love the fact that Dr. Blais was focused on what was best for my daughter. I am so glad I have found such a great doctor for my family.”
-Amy H.

“Being an older patient, I had lots of feedback to Dr. Blais on every phase of my treatment. Dr. Blais was amazingly accessible and available to address my concerns at every step of my treatment. She was a joy to deal with. I would strongly recommend her to anyone considering orthodontics. ♥♥♥”
– Julianne W.